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  1. A static 32-bit build, compiled with GCC 7.2.0. libmp3lame and libx264 worked as expected in the couple of tests that I ran.

    Use at your own risk.
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  2. Originally Posted by Marsia Mariner View Post
    I wish that I could compile a 64-bit edition, but when I tried, ./configure returned this error message:
    Unknown OS mingw64_nt-6.1
    It seems I have found the solution to the problem...
    In the MINGW64 "mode" of MSYS2, run the command

    export MSYSTEM=MINGW32

    and only then call ./configure (&& make, of course).
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  3. So here it goes, a 64-bit build of the goddämn thing.

    But no Cineform encoder yet
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