There's a problem with all the RTMP solutions I've so far seen. The software either costs money, is complex to use, or requires Linux (my only OS that I know how to use is Windows, so a Linux-only solution is a show-stopper for me).

Even the simplest RTMP server I have found requires running this thing called an "RTMP application". And they have the added complexity of requiring a separate program that publishes videos to the "RTMP applicaton" that is then served by the server, and viewed in a web browser. So basically it's like this:
video file (myvideo.mp4) -----> video hosting client (vidhost.exe) -----> RTMP server ------> RTMP application ------> RTMP server -----> video player client (player.swf) -----> web browser

That's a LOT OF STEPS. I'm looking for a simple solution where the RTMP server software (such as rtmpserver.exe) simply serves its own video, without requiring external programs. It should be able to work like this:
video file -----> RTMP server ----> video player (player.swf) ----> web browser

This way, the "video hosting client" and "RTMP application" steps would be encapsulated in the RTMP server itself (such as SimpleRtmpServer.exe). Do you know of any RTMP servers that do this, and also runs in Windows? As a bonus it would be nice if it was also freeware.