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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum and just looking for general help. I've been looking a product similar to the Kramer Via Connect Pro presentation system. The problem is that it takes 4 USB, which is fine, but I also need HDMI inputs. I've searched google with no luck, just wondering if there is such a system that takes USB as well as HDMI?

    Thanks in advance
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    That's a BYOD wireless shared display/projection server. It doesn't take USB nor does it take HDMI inputs. It takes network inputs, either wired or wireless. The USB is for kbd/mouse control, firmware updates. The HDMI is an Output only.

    Most competitors are designed very similarly (Mersive Solstice, Barco WePresent, Extron...).

    Explain what you are trying to do that you need multiple simultaneous HDMI inputs.

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