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  1. Using Media Player Classic, and an AviSynth file with AssRender. I end up getting two subtitle tracks because of the internal renderer.

    The thing is, I have one script where I actually get just one subtitle popping up, the AssRender file. I can't figure out how that is working just fine when my other scripts look exactly the same.

    The only workaround I would say is disabling the renderer, but the AutoLoad Subtitle option has disappeared from the latest versions of Media Player Classic.
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  2. MPC-HC should only auto-load if the subtitle files have the same file name (except extension) as the AviSynth script. Maybe that's different in one case?

    In MPC-HC go Options>Subtitles>Misc and clear the "Autoload paths" field completely.
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  3. It kind of worked. The thing I just now noticed is the Internal Renderer will disable itself fine on two of my scripts, both use an MP4 file. The others are WMV's.

    Maybe AssRender isn't compatible with WMV's. Might be a stretch, but I don't know much about the renderer anymore.
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  4. You are not opening MP4s or WMVs but AviSynth-Scripts, are you?
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  5. I'm opening AVISynth Scripts, yes. So I found why I was getting two subtitles is because of a Trim. It doesn't sync both subtitles I guess.

    I said the Clear Autopath field sort of worked. It actually completely disables the AssRender sub and just leaves the internal renderer. I want it the other way around.
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  6. Originally Posted by smike View Post
    It actually completely disables the AssRender sub and just leaves the internal renderer.
    Huh? I thought you meant the AssRender() plugin of AviSynth. MPC-HC settings have no influence on that.
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  7. Hmm, okay.

    So I guess that is supposed to be the correct display then? When I hit the W Key on MPC to bring up the overlapping subtitle, the OSD is marking it as the ASS Subtitle, which is a lighter shade of color compared to the Internal Render. Or have I been wrong this whole time about how the Internal Render works?

    I always assumed that the marked ASS Subtitle was the version that would be used by default in programs like Aegisub and ASVPMod, but that's not it at all.

    There's no way around that I suppose.
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