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    Just mind blowing; a while ago there were reports that Intel had signed a licensing deal with AMD regarding AMD's gpu technology and there was some speculation that Intel would produce a cpu with an AMD gpu integrated but most supposedly "knowledgeable" people dismissed the idea as to "out there"; instead it was claimed that Intel was just signing the deal to protect itself against claims of patent infringement, a theory that seemed very reasonable at the time.

    But the news today!

    "The combined SoC will include a stack of HBM2 memory alongside the CPU and GPU cores."

    Wow, an 8th generation Intel cpu, an AMD gpu and HBM2 memory integrated onto a single SoC?!?

    Here's my question, other than the obvious ability to build a really fast gaming pc in a small form factor how will this impact video editing and hardware accelerated encoding? AMD has their VCE technology and Intel seems committed to promoting Quick Sync, will Intel tweak AMD's VCE for these processors? How will these processors perform with GPU accelerated rendering or compute?

    One thing is for sure, with the announcement that Intel's Cannon Lake cpu's will all feature AVX-512 and this announcement, one would have to be crazy to consider building a new pc right now before they have a chance to see what these processors have to offer.
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  2. And a full size refrigerator to cool that beast.
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  3. Did you read the article? No need for an extreme cooling system. Check TDP specs.
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    The articles don't say which 8th generation H-series CPU will be used in this new product. Will it be Coffee Lake, Cannonlake or both?

    This is just idle curiosity on my part. Since this new SoC is intended to make mobile devices, including thin laptops, that are better for gaming, I probably won't ever have one.
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