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  1. Hi,

    I'm desperately tryin' to download archived livestreams from
    Tried with several downloaders, browser extensions and whatnot, without success.
    I'm digging in the dark, and I'm anything but an expert, so could somebody PLEASE point me to the right direction?

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  2. ??
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    Download the playlist and key and then use ffmpeg to download/assemble the segments. As easy as falling on to a log.

    Get the playlist url and key url from browser. Piece of pie, easy as cake.
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  4. Thank you ponens.
    Great to hear that it's so easy for you. Unfortunately still not for me lolz.
    I'm not familiar with ffmpeg, and the command line in general, so...

    Would you mind giving me an example (maybe with the link in OP) of what the command would have to look like? Please?
    This would really help me trying to figure out what I have to do.

    Do you know something I could use alternatively? (I mean something with GUI, obviously)

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    I'm not familiar with any of the GUI frontends/downloaders. Maybe someone who is will chime in.

    It is probably going to be rough if you're not familiar with the command line and browser development tools. Sorry.
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  6. Thanks again and nevertheless ponens!
    Looks like I got to dig myself into this

    I'm sure that i got the playlist file as well as the key (probably), problem is that I don't know where to go from there using ffmpeg/command line.
    So I'm messing 'round without really knowing what I'm doing lol

    -- edit --

    Guess I have to go with trial and error and google on.
    Again, a working example would be pretty helpful

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  7. Piece of pie, easy as cake.
    It's not easy (maybe impossible) to download the video.
    The original poster's url may be invalid now, but that website ( has a lot of videos. For example, at this time:
    is a working video.
    Tubedigger will not download any of these videos on this site.
    I played the videos with Google Chrome and got several m3u8 urls and put them into youtube-dl, but failed to download anything.
    For example, I got:
    and also:
    but putting into youtube-dl didn't download anything.
    I also see many .ts files in the Google Chrome network analyzer, for example:
    This downloaded a short video, but was unplayable in vlc.
    I'm wondering if you can provide an example code that goes into youtube-dl or ffmpeg that will download any video from this site (
    and also explain clearly how you got the code that downloads the video.
    To the original poster:
    You can always screen capture in real time if you have good internet that doesn't pause the video:
    Link to free screen capture software:
    Link to short example of screen capture (without sound because I am in library, but the software will record the sound).
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    See next message...
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    Originally Posted by drai View Post
    ponens obviously changed his mind, my inbox is empty.
    so that's ok, nevermind @ponens, thanks again.
    There are reasons that public posting of the key redirect would be unwise. Once jimdagys posted this;

    Originally Posted by jimdagys View Post
    Drai, when you get the PM from ponens can you post it here so I can learn how to do it.
    I cancelled the PM message that I was drafting in the message editor.
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  10. Drai, when you get the PM
    from ponens can you post
    it here so I can learn how to
    do it.
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  11. Thanks @jimdagys
    That's pretty much what I'm experiencing, too. Everything I usually use fails here.
    I also tested many of the tools available here and elsewhere, nothing's working. Even when I think I have it, I actually don't. Something's going wrong all the time.

    I'm aware of screen capturing (and your example doesn't look bad at all), but that's not really an option for me. I'm having a very lame internet connection these days, even streaming alone is often very laggy, so I'm suggesting screen capturing would give me pretty awful results. That's actually one reason why I'm trying to download the vids, I just wanna watch 'em without annoying distractions.
    But thanks for proposing an option

    ponens obviously changed his mind, my inbox is empty.
    And I can understand that, remote teaching a newbie how to grab those is probably not the funniest thing to do lol.
    He's surely right when he's saying
    It is probably going to be rough if you're not...
    so that's ok, nevermind @ponens, thanks again.
    I'm suggesting ponens is heading the right direction, as he was mentioning the hosts file

    Not sure if your interest is simply the task to grab vids from that site, or if you're aiming the content.
    If it's the latter I could point you to something that's working. Feel free to PM me.

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  12. drai,
    No, I don't care about content. I just want to learn how to download. That website ( has a lot of content. I think it would be useful to learn how to download from that site. Most times youtube-dl can be simply be used with the m3u8 that is gotten from playing the video with browser network analyzer, however, in this case, apparently you have to do some editing with the m3u8. For me, an example is necessary to see how to do it. Explaining without an example is useless for me. With an example, I can then adapt the code to download another video from the same site. That would be my goal. The videos on that site expire after awhile, but there are always new videos being posted.
    In the meanwhile, if there is any video from that site that you want that is less than one hour, I can screen capture and post the file.
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  13. Nevermind.
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  14. How to download zipstreams with ffmpeg. I tried this on several computers with different videos and it works.
    Play zipstreams video with browser network analyser and copy m3u8 string to notepad (example pattern):
    Use browser Chrome to download this m3u8. Should yield about 80kb text file called

    Take above m3u8 string and cut off the end (1800_complete-trimmed.m3u8) and add
    so you have:
    Save above string to notepad. I call this "http string".

    Use notepad++ to replace all hostnames ( > in
    1800_complete-trimmed.m3u8 (as shown in screenshot 1)
    Save to notepad file. I called it 1800.txt

    Go to (purpose of next step is to append http string (without \0) to all ts strings):
    and drag 1800.txt file into
    Test string box
    Paste below into Regular Expression box
    This identifies all the ts strings as a pattern (2 digits, slash,2 digits, slash, 2 digits, dot ts) example: 12/34/56.ts
    Paste above "http string" into Substitution box
    See screenshot 2, five red checkmarks indicate the important points.
    Put cursor in bottom window, right click and select all so the the box turn blue, copy and
    paste into new notepad file. You can rename to hockey.m3u8, put this file into folder that contains ffmpeg.
    (open hockey.m3u8 in notepad++ and verify that all .ts strings have the http string (without \0) joined together.) example:
    and use this command to download on xp
    ffmpeg -i "Hockey.m3u8" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc output.mp4
    this command on newer machines with newer ffmpeg;
    ffmpeg -protocol_whitelist "file,http,https,tcp,tls,crypto" -i "Hockey.m3u8" -c copy -c:a copy output.mp4

    EDIT: you can also download from (one click operation) with special Tubedigger ($15) available upon request from Tubedigger website.

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  15. WOW, great job jimdagys, you did it! Congratulations mate, really nice to hear!

    As you already know I managed to grab what I want using some different tools, but I'm honestly glad that you managed to achieve what you wanted as well. You put a lot of effort into this and finally got rewarded, that's perfect!
    I'll try to replicate that method as soon as I can, but I'm not too confident that I can do that. Sounds a bit complicated for stupid me lol. And that's a ton of work, too.

    Really doesn't sound like "Piece of pie, easy as cake." to me

    Big thanks for that great effort!
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