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    Hi everyone!

    I have a problem. I need to clean up one video and I would like to use TemporalDegrain, but while running it through MeGui, it crashes every time. I simpled everything down to find out the problem, but no help. I use a simple script:

    AviSource("D:\rendered videos\fs.avi")
    ConvertToYV12(matrix="PC.709", interlaced=false)
    The file is frameserved from Vegas Pro 14. Maybe the cause is a bad video file? It's an Iphone 6 captured avc file at 59.940 fps (MediaInfo specs, actually variable). The render starts really slow, which is surprising, considering that I have a new laptop with a I7 7th series cpu. I used TD filter many times before on slower computers, without MT, and they're performing better. It's hardly coming up to 1.3 fps and somewhere around 70% rendering a 3 sec sample it crashes. I have fresh avisynth 2.60 installed, latest MeGui. I'm kinda puzzled what else to do?

    Should I post a sample of the video file?
    The solution was to download the required filters again and overwrite the previous.
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