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  1. Hi ,

    Change the link

    You'll get a kind of XML file

    Cheers .
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  2. That seems kind of clever
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  3. Sorry for misunderstanding, I mean how to download the video from the url?
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  4. seikology,
    Carefully check the url that you gave. I don't get any video to play with that url. Also, I think you mean to have the symbol
    at the end of the url that you gave.
    That will download an xml file, but I don't know what to do with that xml file to be able to download a video.
    Without the symbol
    at the end of the url, I just get an error message, so carefully check again the url that you posted.
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  5. Hi jimdagys, I want to download video from and I tried to inspect console on that website and only get the URL, before this the URL is different and can download easy using YoutubeDownloader because the format is html5.hls

    now the URL already change to html5.dash. please help me to download the dash video format from that website. Sorry for my bad english.
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  6. DRM


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  7. Why not use its easier to use and works in a lot of websites
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