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    I thought I understood full-frame/widescreen ratios pretty well. Wasn't the reasoning behind Letterbox is when you have a 4x3 monitor, viewing a widescreen movie preserves the original ratio of the widescreen, within the full-frame image. Pillarbox is when you have footage shot in full-frame being viewed on a HD monitor (i.e Star Trek Original Series etc). Pillarbox doesn't stretch the 1.33:1 image to fill the 1.78:1 ratio monitor. Has black bars on the sides to keep the 4x3 ratio.

    I'm trying to capture laserdiscs (both fullscreen and wide) in HD via BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle 3.0. So far I've only tested widescreen movies and had great results. I did a full-frame test and felt kinda stupid. When capturing in SD & converting to HD there is a Conversion Tab. There are two options, Pillarbox and Anamorphic. I set it to Pillarbox (when capturing full-frame) and the Shuttle stills cuts off/crops the image.

    Top image is SD capture with no conversion, bottom is 1080i 59.94fps SD to HD capture.

    Am I not able to capture full-frame material in HD without cropping?
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