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  1. Hi guys.

    I have a issue when try to grab HBO GO Subs.

    For video and audio I dont have problems, i have the keys and decrypt on the right way.

    The subtitle is my problem.

    If you use this link at youtube-dl you can grab video/audio but at subs have a error:

    obs: This is from game of thrones S07E07

    youtube-dl search for a dxcp sub format, but can't grab right link, here is the correct links:

    The problem is a lot of invalid chars and the timestamp, this restart around 00:01:00...

    Another usefull link:

    Here is the key if you wanna test the video/audio decrypt:
    mp4decrypt --key 1:9C4B9E437EA05968339972BF8583B921

    Sorry for my bad english! I'm from Brazil.

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  2. Originally Posted by videobruger View Post

    No man, this not the problem, Game of Thrones is just a example.
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    Nice work.
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