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  1. I have lots of old classic cartoons on DVD such as Hey Arnold, Rocos Modern Life, etc. I was thinking of just using MakeMKV to rip the dvd. If I used MakeMKV are there any settings I should put before I rip the DVDs? I want to keep the best quality possible. I was also thinking of using handbrake and encoding it to H265 MKV 720p30. Any suggestions on the best possible setting using HandBrake?
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    MakeMKV will do the trick. Encoding/Upscaling from dvd source is a bad idea.
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  3. Cartoons can be upscaled pretty well in AviSynth, better than any player/tv. But it has a steep learning curve.
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  4. 1). Handbrake Video Settings
    This section allows you to adjust Framerate and Video Codec you prefer. when using Handbrake to rip DVD, keep in mind that the output quality lies on the size you specify. You can also alter the bitrate of your choice. Remember: the higher bitrate you choose, the better quality you will get but the bigger size the output file will be, hence more time it will take to rip DVD with Handbrake.
    2). Handbrake Audio settings
    This section is where you can adjust audio tracks and movie subtitle of your ripped content, as shown in the above figure. Generally speaking, you can leave this alone. But if you do want to change it, note that the audio bit rate shall be below 160kbps if you are ripping a DVD for your iDevices.
    3). Picture Settings
    It's often the case you find horizontal lines in many TV shows of DVD forms. Technically, these DVDs are interlaced, making them fuzzy to watch. The "Picture Settings" button on the top of Handbrake interface is especially designed to get rid of interlacing and makes DVD ripping smooth. What's more, this section also lets you set video resolution and crop video. For example, as 640*480 resolution is the optimized one for iPod Touch, so you can either set up to the same resolution as the original for the lower resolution of the original or set up to 640*480 resolution for the output for the higher resolution of the original. As far as I'm concerned, the crop function of handbrake for Mac is not so practical. Instead, it's just a kind of ornament here.
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    Use MakeMKV as it doesn't reencode. Just wraps the DVD in a MKV container. No settings. Size in equals size out, quality in equals quality out. Handbrake whilst good fro reducing the file size does reencode and therefore loses quality that you may or may not notice. However it can take hours per disc whereas MKVmkv is very quick. Try one DVD to find out for yourself. PS I did all of my DVD's this way - hundreds !!!
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  6. Thank you everyone for the helpful information
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