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  1. Hi all

    I'm using this command:
    ffmpeg -i C:\Users\HP-620\Desktop\Event\59\ -af astats=metadata=1:reset=1,ametadata=print:key=lavf i.astats.Overall.RMS_level:file=namefile.txt -f null
    but the namefile.txt is wrote in the ffmpeg root folder.

    Is possible give an exactly path?

    Thanks in advance
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    Why start a new thread ?

    Did you actually try using the redirect from the other topic ?
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  3. It is very confusing to discuss Windows things within ffmpegX forum (ffmpegX is Macintosh OS).
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  4. DB83
    Becouse i thouught was a problem with another goal.
    Not for converter but redirect a path.
    I'm sorry if i made a mistake.

    I not understood.
    Can i ask for FFMPEF in windows?
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    What do you not understand about asking about ffmpeg commands using Windows in a Macintosh forum..

    Wrong forum or wrong question? in other words is your question about ffmpeg on Windows or Mac?
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  6. My question is about FFMPEG on Windows.
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  7. Generally your problem is OS dependent and ffmpegx is Mac application - i strongly advise to use different forum thread not ffmpegx.

    If you are interested in locating file in current local folder you can use variable %CD% , if you are interested in different default OS variables just open cmd window and write SET then enter.

    so in case your batch it will be something like:
    ffmpeg -i C:\Users\HP-620\Desktop\Event\59\ -af astats=metadata=1:reset=1,ametadata=print:key=lavfi.astats.Overall.RMS_level:file=%CD%\namefile.txt -f null
    However seem you providing full path at the input then you also must provide full path for namefile.txt so your code should look more or less like bellowe:
    ffmpeg -i C:\Users\HP-620\Desktop\Event\59\ -af astats=metadata=1:reset=1,ametadata=print:key=lavfi.astats.Overall.RMS_level:file=C:\Users\HP-620\Desktop\Event\59\namefile.txt -f null
    Normally this is done in a not hardcoded fashion by using variable as input argument (for example %1 for first argument) then some of this process can be automated.

    Look at this:
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  8. Thaks a lot.

    I've made some test but

    ffmpeg -i C:\Users\HP-620\Desktop\Event\59\ -af astats=metadata=1:reset=1,ametadata=print:key=lavf i.astats.Overall.RMS_level:file=C:\Users\HP-620\Desktop\Event\59\namefile.txt -f null -

    doesn't work, in this mode FFMPEG create a file in the FFMPEG root folder with 0Kb size.

    So i've solve my problem running FFMPEG from mov folder:
    C:\\ffmpegfolfer\ffmpeg.exe -i C:\Users\HP-620\Desktop\Event\59\ -af astats=metadata=1:reset=1,ametadata=print:key=lavf i.astats.Overall.RMS_level:file=namefile.txt -f null-

    Sorry for diturb.
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