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    Somebody help!
    I bought a region-free blu-ray player.
    sony bdp-s1700.

    However, I can select only OSD languages Eng, Fr, Spa, polt.
    From the menu for the usual system setting, I can not change it except these languages.
    I absolutely want to make the OSD language Japanese.
    Actually, in Japan there is a store that sells the USA version s1700 by modifying it to Japanese specification.
    I am certain that there is a way to change.
    I think there is a solution to something.
    But I could not find it.
    Does anyone know the tricks?

    Even if it is difficult, it does not matter. Please tell me
    The OSD language is important.
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    try unplugging the bluray player from the wall and leave it set for a few minutes
    then plug it back up and see if it asks you to set up the osd language .

    if that doesn't work you can try pressing the system setup menu and try there.
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    Originally Posted by nukky View Post
    I am certain that there is a way to change.
    Why the certainty? Just because you want it, doesnt make it so. It is easy to think of a manufacturer only embedding the languages needed for a market segment (e.g. target country). So if the seller modified a model for the European market, then the OSD languages will reflect that.
    I expect the OSD languages to be part of the firmware. So if the player is firmware upgradable while keeping its region free status, then a Japanese firmware may help you, if it exists for that model player. (It may be that the s1700 is only sold outside of Japan, and no firmware with Japanese exists.)
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