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  1. Hi, I'm using the free version of DLNow Video Downloader 1.20, and it no longer seems to work with Youtube, even after updating its dependencies. I get the "Unable to load video information" message on every video. This version has always worked fine for me, as of a few months ago, which was the last time I used it.

    I've updated youtube-dl, rtmpdump, ffmpeg, and ffprobe to the lastest versions, by replacing the .exes in the bin folder with the most current ones available.

    I tried updating only youtube-dl at first, then rtmpdump, and finally added the others. No combination seems to work.

    I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail.

    I am missing something?

    It seems to me that this program should still work, given that it's just a frontend for youtube-dl, as long as youtube-dl is up to date and working.
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  2. I did some testing and it seems the problem is youtube-dl. The version of youtube-dl that comes with DLNow 1.20 doesn't seem to work with it any longer, nor does the current version of youtube-dl. As a test, I swapped out youtube-dl for the version that is included with TVDownloader and it worked normally.
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