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    I am a newbie and use VideoRedo TV Suite. My son recorded several videos on his Galaxy S5 for a school project and we attempted to merge them into a single file. VideoRedo merged the first two with ease. But when I tried to join the 3rd file, I got the following error:

    "Unable to add the current video project to the joiner. It's [sic] frame rate is not compatible with the existing joiner entries of 29.95 fps."

    I tried Googling the error, and it seems that the frame rates *must* match. VideoRedo will author DVDs, so some people have suggested "authoring" each of the segments separately (as VideoReDo TVSuite does not reencode except when authoring a DVD) and joining them afterwards.

    Is there an easier way with other software? Preferably freeware since I already own VideoRedo and don't particularly want to buy another piece of software?

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    you can try Mkvtoolnix. But result will be .mk I think it gives you warning but multiples o.k. If resolution is same and audio format too. You can then re-encoded final file to (i hate it) peak frame (that means variable framerate)
    29.95 seems weird to me. Isnt it just 29.97 ?
    If you try mkvtoolnix then open first file and click on it rmb and choose append. Append all file this way.
    I just gave a try without success.

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