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  1. Hi everyone. I'm a newbie and I hope you can help me. I'm trying to convert my own DVD Tv Series (First Episode) to XviD. I use mostly VirtualDub with MPEG2 Plugin to open Vob Files and Xvid Codec 1.3.4 to compress, but I have issues with Aspect Ratio, Scan Type and Video Quality. I'm trying many solutions without any good result.

    The DVD is PAL 25fps, Region 2, Resolution 720x576 and DAR=2 (4:3).
    When I open Vob Files in VirtualDub, I check File Information and it says MPEG-2, 4:2:0 Interlaced.
    Also other programs like (DGIndex, Xmedia Recode, XviD4PSP) give Scan Type "Interlaced TFF".
    MeGui says Progressive.
    The odd thing is that when I convert the video in xvid (without any filters) the converted file has scan type Progressive with (Media Info, Xmedia Recode, XviD4PSP and even MeGui).
    Video Lenght is 46 min and just 3 seconds seem to have interlaced lines.
    I don't know if I have to use deinterlace filter or not.
    Another problem is Aspect Ratio. As you can see, original DAR is 4:3, but when I convert to xvid (without Filter) DAR becomes 5:4 Progressive. Any suggestion?

    Some examples:

    Virtualdub - Original
    [Attachment 43425 - Click to enlarge]

    Xmedia Recode - Original
    [Attachment 43426 - Click to enlarge]

    MeGui - Original
    [Attachment 43427 - Click to enlarge]

    Xmedia Recode - Converted Example
    [Attachment 43428 - Click to enlarge]

    Media Info - Converted Example
    [Attachment 43429 - Click to enlarge]

    Interlaced Snapshoot - (only 3 seconds of video seem interlaced)
    [Attachment 43433 - Click to enlarge]

    Last problem is crop, resize and quality. Video has black bar on both right and left sides and down. In virtualdub I use null transform and then crop (X1=10, X2=8, Y1=0, Y2=2).
    The resulting resolution is 702x574 that isn't 4:3. There's any way to resize image in full 4:3?
    About the quality, I tried some solutions! In Virtualdub I choose XviD Home or MPEG4 ASP @L5 with advanced options and 2pass target bitrate (also I used 1500-2000 or higher kbps), but when I watch the converted video I noticed macroblocks, specially on high motion scene and on dark area. Any solution?

    Thank you, sorry for my bad english and for a potential confusion on this thread.
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    I would recommend AutoGK, it does it all for you, Virtualdub on the other hand assumes the user understands the basics.

    If you have Xvid installed, uninstall it, and allow AutoGK to install it's own version.
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    I tried to get info about how is it stored on dvd if progressive or interlaced, but find only cover. Now I found DVD and only interlaced is menu, when movie is progressive.

    Edit: you can of course downscale your final video to spare some bits. For example to 584x480 that is uncommon resolution but about 0,5% to your croped video 702x574. You will lost some information but less bit is needed. Ideal solution is to set your bitrate higher above 2000kbps without cropping and resizing. I think that xvid (H263) is smart enough to not spend lots of bits when it is still black border. But it also depends on quality of source DVD.

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