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  1. hey
    i have a video i want to watch it on a dvd so what's the format i need to convert the video to watch it on a dvd?
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  2. A DVD player plays DVDs. Some might play videos in other formats but that's something you should look up in your owner's manual. You can convert your video to a DVD playable on any DVD player using AvsToDVD. On this site you can find out more specifically What Is DVD?
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    you have to read your DVD player manual. MPEG2 will support for sure. Nowadays players supports mainly Container MP4 with h264 video and aac audio. Can you plug in USB stick in the player? And if you can mention model of your DVD player, searching can be much easier.
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    Not all mpeg2 files.
    Only the subset that is legitimately in the DVD spec (not counting optional general media files capability which is not uniform).
    There are restrictions on bitrates, frame size, GOP size & complexity, DAR/PAR, vbv buffer, # and type of streams (both vid & aud).

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  5. The DVD spec is very limited and includes MPEG 2 video, AC3, DTS and PCM audio (and MP2 audio in Europe). The discs must be authored in a particular way with IFO, BUP, and VOB files in a VIDTO_TS folder and only standard definition video is supported.

    Anything beyond that depends on what the manufacturer decides to support but is usually limited to Divx/Xvid AVI and MPG files, only at standard definition or less. You have to check your user manual for that.
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  6. mpeg2, and you have to author it to be a valid DVD
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