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    would anyone know what this error means when I try to burn a cd

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    It looks like you're trying to burn an Audio CD and, for some reason, DirectShow decodibg is not working. Try playing that mp3 file using Windows Media Player just to be sure.

    And does the problem occur only with that file?
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  3. It means you have a ripped commercial disc that is too large a capacity to fit on a standard disc in a standard burner.
    Some commercial discs are made larger to deter piracy. Usually just one in a set upsets the simplicity of copying.
    You can try a software that allows 'overburn' but it still may not play the last track on the cd because a standard cd is too small.
    Trying overburn encroaches into the safety margin of a standard disc, if you like.
    Also, your disc drive has to be capable of burning beyond it's normal maximum (80 mins or 1 hour 20 min).

    Edit: or else it means you just have a bad track.
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