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  1. hi
    on board there are many explanatiosn to download and save m3u8-Links to Video on local HD.
    But this is always command-line
    Are there ffmpeg-apps where one could paste the link and the download comes automatically?

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  2. This post uses a batch file to download a video URL in the clipboard with youtube-dl:

    You should be able to modify the batch file to download using ffmpeg instead. Then all you have to do is copy the m3u8 URL to the clipboard then double click on the batch file.
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    After searching myself for the same kind of thing, and didn't find anything relevant,
    i decided to try the solution mentioned above.

    I successfully modified the script to make it work with ffmpeg.

    It use the same technique, copying the URL to the clipboard
    and executing the script.

    So you need to download the software 'clipboard' mentioned in the above post,
    and then modify the script to relate the paths where you put the applications on your system.

    I have updated the batch file, now the URL is including between double quotes (""),
    better way to handle special characters in URLs.
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