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  1. Hello guys,

    Since I'm not a pro I've a question for you.

    In terms of quality what is usually better, from a qualitative point of view on a 4K TV screen? A WebMux 2160p (12 GB) or a BD Untouched 1080p (10 GB)?

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    I'm going to assume that in this context, "webmux" is either some user's cute name/shorthand for their ripping/converting process, or the handle of the user/group.
    Without knowing provenance or playback app/device/chain, it would at first make sense that the 4k might be better. Except, that 4k could (and very likely, would) be an upconvert, made to seem as 4k but originally from a 1080 source. Plus, very probable that it is 1 generation down from an original, so that calls into question the reliability/quality of the conversion & converter. Seems quite low bitrate compared to other, even accounting for reduction using h265.
    And, simply, I have yet to be convinced that there are ANY, legit or not, true 4k-to-4k conversions going on. UHDBD is from what I can see, contrary to any recent claims, still secure from ripping. So is Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, and DCPs. No other places to get true 4k sources of copy-protected material - screeners lose quality/res - unless someone happened to get hold of an industry-insider pre-release (but those are watermarked, so beware).
    All in all, I would go with the BD copy. Assuming you OWN its original.

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  3. WEBMUX? probably that's a WEBRIP upscaled @ 2160p.. So the source will be shady.. technically stick to the BD Untouched 1080p.
    My guess this is a pirated source for both .. so labeling may not be necessarily true since there are a lot of fakes..

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