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  1. Mov file 1.3 gb runs extremly slow like in slow motion or suspended motion or with lags in AVS video editor and MPC HC and
    KM Player while it Plays superfine normal in windows media player. Why? and how can this issue be resolved?
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    First off. If we who read these topics can not see the text we increase the text size ourselves. We simply do not need you to post in such as size to blow our eyeballs.

    Now where to start ?

    1. Slow cpu ?
    2. Not enough ram for 64 bit programs ?
    3. Motherboard using normal ram for video instead of a dedicated video card ?

    And that is before one even considers codecs. And since MOV is a container we know nothing about your video. Start with a mediainfo (text mode) report.

    So answer these and then you might get more help. But post in normal font size. Please !
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  3. In MPC HC try to change the video output to 'Haali Video Renderer'. That worked for me to smooth out some jerky MP4 videos. It may not work for your video but it's worth a try.

    View>>Options>>Output>>DirectShow Video>>Haali Video Renderer
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