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  1. Hi,

    I have hundreds of video of files that account for about 200 hours of video, shot by five different people. I need to go through all material and catalogue/index it.
    I have tried Adobe Prelude CC 2017. But the big problem with Prelude is that when you search for a certain keyword, all subclips of a given clip show up in the search results, although only one of these subclips contains the keyword that is searched for.

    Loading all this content in an Adobe Premier project and setting normal markers and adding comments seems to become very messy and therefore isn't a good solution either.

    Hence, I'm looking for a better solution to catalogue all the content. I.e. adding content markers, using keyword search to search through all catalogued content.
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  2. You mean like this in Camtasia?

    Or maybe a simple database running along side (though a bit of a long winded method it works). Search for any word, fast lookup.

    Clip name | Videographer | Date Created | Duration | Keywords | etc | etc

    This would be for your own search and development, no good as a table of contents for other people.
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