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    I am writing a small VB.NET program to get the "recording" date (= the date the video actually was recorded and saved by the video camera) out of a video file (mp4 or mpg). This seems to be possible with the Mediainfo program ( when starting this standalone program, it shows me the 'encoded' and 'tagged' dates. But I cannot find these properties when using the Mediainfo wrapper for .NET (see
    Can somebody help me with this ?
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    What I did was, do an external call to MediaInfoCLI and output the information to a textbox and read/search there. Be aware that Windows will continue on after it starts the CMD file MediainfoCLI so you have to check when it is finished befoe reading the data or Windows will try to check an , as yet, non-existant output.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Pseudo CMD Window below (Input over Output)
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