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Poll: Do I need both softwares to work productively and effectively?

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    Hi, I have been working with Final Cut Pro on my Mac for about a year now and I can say I feel comfortable to use it now. My manager suggested that I could take a course on Adobe Premiere Pro to know both softwares well.

    I thought they are quite similar in use but when I tried to put sth simple together I stumbled a lot.

    Do you think the 2 softwares are much alike in use and, more important, in functionality? Is knowing Final Cut Pro "good enough" skill to have or Adobe Premiere Pro opens more opportunities? Is it worth taking the course for Adobe Premiere Pro or rather find another course that would implement my other skills?

    Please advise me, thank you!
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  2. Doesn't sound like there is any downside to learning both. Go for it and see which one you prefer.

    (Assuming you mean Final Cut X. Final Cut Pro was discontinued several years ago.)
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    All the pro people I know who were primarily using FCP & FCX have now switched over to to Adobe Premiere Pro (or sometimes Avid MC or Vegas), partly because it is fuller featured, but mainly because Apple isn't really supporting their own product even for longtime users. Stupid Apple.

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