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  1. Hi
    is a Graphical User Interface that uses FFmpeg, MKVmerge, MKVextract and it's own internal codecs to cut (split) subtitles.
    It's main purpose is to cut subtitles and keep them in sync while their movie is being edited in any frame accurate video editor that does not support subtitle processing.
    so there is no need to HardSub (burn in) nor any other complicated manual editing.

    Click image for larger version

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    you can find:
    a list of it's supported input and output formats here
    it's quick start guide here
    a list of it's video tutorials here
    and download it's latest version from here
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  2. It would be nice if you report your experience with it.

    another thing comes to my mind is that I did all the en_US translation myself. so it may contain a lot of issues (mostly grammar). it would be nice if you also help me with SubzBor translations. a translation tutorial is included inside SubzBor's Lang menu. you can also post your translation here.
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