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  1. #Voukoder developer
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    Vou need to download the main voukoder programm.
    Just go to the website and click in the download section on this link.

    This will be improved soon.

    [Attachment 51974 - Click to enlarge]
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    Originally Posted by Master Tape View Post
    How do you install the core in Premiere Pro?
    Simply go to Voukoder site and download "Voukoder 3 msi" and "Connector Premiere 1.2.0" as shown in the screenshots.
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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    Thanks guys Looks like i downloaded the wrong folder before.. somehow!

    What a fantastic codec. Now i don't have to worry about Premiere degrading the quality so much, when i need to do more edits.

    Installed the latest version and it's coming up as 'Voukader R2' in the format drop down list in Premiere, is that correct?
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  4. Nice work. I have seen plugin for x264 codec for Premiere but company charges 70USD for that. Only for a wrapper for a free codec!

    BTW, may I ask, why I do not see in your plugin

    1. multi pass 2-pass encoding
    2. keyframe interval (must be low for streaming)
    3. high10 profile

    These options are available for Premiere own codec, and their absence from your plugin is a severe limitation.

    I would basically expect any of these options being available for the codec, since these are needed

    Thanx alot
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  5. The greatest thing is that this tool has found hardware accelerated h.264 codec on my system, provided by video driver!

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  6. One thing!

    Which version of x264 codec uses your tool. I have downloaded the x264 codec from the source, but it is a command line program. I do not see how this can be connected to your plugin.
    The codec you are using for some unknown reason is missing the High10 profile and VBR mode.

    Also video file size estimation is missing as well. Otherwise what an excellent JOB

    Would these be fixed, I would donate to the project. Otherwise I have to master video in uncompressed AVI in premiere and encode it with x264 after that.
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    I think it's more of a FFMPEG plugin for PP, than a straightup x264cli plugin.
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