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  1. Hi
    Im trying to get a vid into virtual dub to try and edit it

    I converted the file to avi
    I drag and drop only to get this notice .....

    could nt locate decompressor for format
    virtual dub requires a video for windows VFW COMPATIBLE CODEC to decompress video
    Direct Show codects such as those used by
    Windows Media Player are not suitable

    any one any idea what I can do about this ?

    thanks for any advice
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    Can you actually play the avi you created ?
    So, assuming the positive, firstly download mediainfo , load the avi in to that, select text mode and post the report here - if you need to edit or remove the first line ie the one with the title then that is not important.
    Or depending on the original you can install filters for vdub and load the file direct - no conversion to avi. Or just try virtualdubfiltermod.
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  3. VirtualDub FM opens more file types. Try it.
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