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  1. Hello, I'm very much a newbie when it comes to video editing but am putting together a video which requires a few features that may not be common for most programs - slow motion, rotate and zoom in.

    For at least one of the audio tracks I'd like to add a bit of slow motion and also rotate some of the video's where the camera gets turned upside down. Also, to help lengthen some scenes and add some dramatic effect, I'd like the option to zoom in (e.g. to create a different camera angle) and 'move around' the same scene. For example, I'd be kind of looping a scene once or twice but zooming on a different part to make it seem as though it's taken from another angle or with a different camera.

    Thanks for reading all that and thanks in advance for any suggestions with these features.
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  2. OS? Free or not? AviUtil is an option.
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  3. Windows XP (a bit behind the times) and I don't mind paying upto $50 for a great program with these features and more. It seems the low-end cost for a good quality video editor is around $100 but I haven't made a video in years and may not use it again (or at least, not that much) after this video, so I'm just not sure it would be worth spending $100 if it's a one-off project.

    However, I'd be interested in hearing people's thoughts on whether it might be a good investment.
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  4. Vegas, either the expensive or the cheap version.
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  5. Thanks everyone for your help. I've been using VSDC Free Video Editor and it's going well. Just need to knuckle down and spend more hours working on the video.
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