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  1. Is there a free portable program to resize .ts file?

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  2. This is no longer updated but should still work:
    Select 'Transport Stream Formats' icon on main menu (after you drop a file onto it).
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  3. For example ffmpeg - highly portable (single exe).
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    there is also Avidemux which some people loves very much and some dont. Give it a try, it works very well. You can use various filters, remux to another container, cut unwanted parts if you reencoded video etc.

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  5. My Hauppauge record OTA stuff as .ts file

    WinTV8 streaming is so buggy using the browser!

    Sometimes when I travel, I like to resize it as small as possible and watch my local news on tablet.

    1920/1080 = 1.77

    I have use 640x and it works well. 480x is not that great.

    Then I ftp the files.

    Is this how you do yours? What software you use?

    Thanks for the resize info.
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