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  1. Hi,

    Bit of a dullard here, so please go easy...

    I've been using RipBot for years, but recently I've been having a problem where it keeps crash my PC after about 25 minutes into a conversion.

    It started doing it whilst I was using version 1.20.0 so the other day I downloaded 1.21.0 and I'm still getting the same issue.

    I'm not so sure the problem is with RipBot as I never had a problem until a week or so ago (I'm running Windows 10, Version 1607 which I think updated a few days back).

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Thanks in advance
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    RipBot creates a encode log and the problem is probably shown there. Post a copy of it here and someone can take a look at it.
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  3. Your PC is probably overheating. Check core temperatures while encoding.
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  4. I would recommend CPUID HWMonitor to watch your temps. While RipBot 1.20 was a beta, I don't think the changes would have caused this but you could also try a prior version (disable the updater) and see if the error continues.
    jagabo is probably correct and either a cooling fan has died or become clogged with dust.
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  5. I suspect two things. Overheating CPU or dying power supply.
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  6. Thank for your help with this, guys. Much appreciated.

    I had a quick look inside to PC this morning and it's pretty dusty. Thinking about it, you can hear the fans ramp up not long before the PC shuts down when it's running.

    I'll have a clean out tomorrow and let you know how I get on...
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  7. Hi,

    Just to say you all appear to have been bang on.

    I cleaned out the PC fans and everythign is working much better.

    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!
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  8. I still recommend you keep an eye on CPU temps occasionally. Get to know what's normal on your computer (depends on CPU, cooler, fan speeds, etc.) and recognize when it's getting hot.
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