I have some DVDs that have no subs. I have ripped them as MKV files to my hard drive and added subs I've found on the internet. Now I want to combine mult discs' programming into one BD. I am using multiAVCHD which does seem to work fine. The problem is with the menus. When I first put the disc in my Panasonic player, the main menu comes up, and I can navigate to titles, chapters, turn on subtitles, etc. The problem is that once I select a title, and it is playing, I can't get back to the main menu. Neither the "top menu" or "pop up menu" which are the two options on my Panasonic remote, returns me to the menu.

I can use a work around, which is to us the "sub menu" button on my remote which then gives me several options, and if I scroll down to "top menu" and press enter, it returns me to the main menu.

I have no idea what is going on or why this is a problem.

I know there have been issues with Panasonic players, but I thought that was only for DVD-5's or 9's authored as BD discs which wouldn't play, and you have to use "strict AVCHD" for those. These are BD-R discs, which I didn't think was a problem. As I said, I can watch the discs fine. It is getting back to the main menu that's a problem.

Any help is appreciated.