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  1. Hello,

    is it possible to set the condition in ffdshow, for IPTV item - name or address? I mean, when I switch the item/IPTV channel in PotPlayer playlist, ffdshow condition "A" should be loaded, the same as with the video file name.

    The names and path:
    "STV1 (HD)" (File Name in Tab info)
    "STV1 HD - PotPlayer" (name of sub-item in Task Manager)
    "STV1 (HD).m3u8" (m3u8 name with just one channel for testing)

    I tried to add these for the ffdshow conditions:
    "on movie file name match with preset name"
    "on movie file name match (with wildcards)"
    "on application exe file name match" (I tried to use "PotPlayerMini64.exe /rtp://@")
    "on volume name match"

    It works with the video file name, recorded from TV tuner, for example:
    "on movie file name match (with wildcards)"
    "*Jednotka HD*.ts;*Dvojka HD*.ts"

    Thank you in advance for any help, hint...
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  2. Finally I found something!

    It works with IPTV / rtp: and DTV (and file), when using this template "on movie file name match (with wildcards)":

    **;*dtv:1*;*Jednotka HD*
    Now a bit strange thing - it doesn't work with TV archive, link from Video DownloadHelper (addon for Chrome)

    TV archive link:
    Direct link for video (created by Video DownloadHelper):
    In ffdshow I'm using:
    What is really weird, sometime it works when I switch the preset in ffdshow config window to other preset, click OK - then it's changed to correct preset, but not every time - and it never work if ffdshow config window is not opened and I just open the link in PP.

    Where is the problem? Is it ffdshow issue, or PotPlayer issue? Is there any way to fix it, option I could try to change?
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