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  1. Hello.
    The eject command from the Linux terminal delivers a few useful additional features.
    One of them is the ability to limit the disc drive speed.
    This can be used for example for silence.

    However, I would like the reading speed to be limited to ×36 CAV (equals around ×16 at inner edge) and writing to ×4 CLV.

    The LG BE14NU40 is extremely silent. It starts getting louder starting at ×40. (CD-RW maximum reading and DAE speed).

    I hope, that you can provide some help.
    Never stop asking. --ALBERT EiNSTEIN.
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  2. Hello.
    There are a few restrictions, that need to be considered.
    • Speed units: 1×CD = CDDA/VCD bitrate = 176400 bytes per second = 75 sectors (2352b user-accessible data per sector). But 1×BD=3×DVD=36×CD.
    • Phase-change (Re-Writable media) has a minimum writing speed. Example: CD-RW ultra speed requires at least 20× writing speed. Max: ×28. Drives choose ×24.
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