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  1. I have a video with 4 audio languages.
    I need to author the DVD menu with the native language names (like Wikipedia style).
    But I didn't find any way to edit the language menu text.

    Is there a template of even other software allows to do this?

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  2. I found a way by Apple DVD Studio Pro, which is discontinued and it was for Mac OS only.

    I need a solution for Windows, please.
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  3. Make a new project in DVDStyler without a template. Delete the initial VMGM menu and use DVD -> Add -> Menu to add a VTS menu. Double click the menu and import some menu background.

    Add video/audio

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    Add some buttons to the menu and use drop-down menu to select corresponding audio language.

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  4. Thank you for your help.

    But I don't have normal video chapters,
    I just have one video with 4 audio files for those 4 languages.

    Any other suggestion?
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  5. I may not understand but like attached?
    Image Attached Files
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  6. You were right, your your two explanations are same.
    Thank you for this wonderful effort.

    I followed your steps in the latest version of DVDStyler (3.0.3) but after creating the DVD iso file, the menu is not working.
    I started over from scratch more than one time, but I got not responding menu or even player!

    DVD Flick v2 did it smoothly fine, but there is no option to edit language menu text.
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  7. Originally Posted by videobruger View Post
    ... like attached?
    I just want to thank you again.
    It's a great tutorial, I followed your steps again and fixed the error.
    I think that DVDStyler has a problem with WAV format,
    so I converted them into MP3 and it just worked fine.

    I noticed that it takes too much time for transcription, about 3 to 5 hour per attempt!
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