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  1. I have a number of files in a folder (all mp4) and would like to add chapter
    markers to them at fixed intervals and write them as MKV files.

    Can mkvtoolnix(GUI) be made to process each file individually and rename just the extension
    (IE not merge them)

    I can't see a way to do that.
    If not is there another program that can?

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  2. 1. Preferences>Multiplexer>When dropping files>Create one new ... for each file
    2. Preferences>Multiplexer>Default Values. In the top field add e.g. --generate-chapters interval:70s (new chapter every 70 seconds)
    3. Drag&Drop all your mp4 files
    4. Multiplexer>Actions for all tabs> Start multiplexing, or Add to job queue and then start the jobs
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  3. Aha - thanks sneaker

    That looks good and seems to do the trick.
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