Hi first I am a newbe to the site and to video converting, and XMedia Recode just came out, and it has support for nvidia nvenc, and I have a geforce gtx1060. So I was pretty excited. The first attempt and the program crashed. so the next day I uninstalled all my free converter programs and reinstalled it, restarted the computer and tried again, this time I tried with the default settings and it worked.
But I was curious about that "Nvidia NVENC: Added "Weighted Prediction" option" what did it do, and why every time I tried to convert with it selected, the program crashed.
Well after some web searching and joining https://developer.nvidia.com/, just to get my hands on a pdf about adding Nvidia NVENC to FFmpeg. I mentions that when you use "Weighted Prediction" you can't use "B frames" the default has "B frames" set at 2. When I changed "B frames" to zero and selected "Weighted Prediction" I was able to run the program with out crashing. "Weighted Prediction", "temporal AQ", also under the rate control mode you have 2-pass modes to play with, also VBV buffer size. while Nvidia NVENC, was mainly designed for streaming your 3d graphic game play. It does have options for better quality video conversions also.