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  1. Hello.
    My Sharp DV-RW250 DVD-RW recorder has two features for the -VR mode:
    • -Finalize/Unfinalize
      -Write protect / undo write protect.

    Write protection can not be altered if finalized, as far as I can remember.
    But finalize can always be done/undone. But it takes a while. Write protection happens in a few seconds.

    I have not yet verified the effects on a disc using IsoBuster (unfortunately closed source software and no cross platform, but that's because it's the developer's sole source of incoome. It's source code might get publishded just before it gets abandonware. The C++ developer, Peter, is extremely good. IsoBuster is also lightweight yet powerful, unlike OSForensics, which IS highly powerful, but 500 MB. ~100 times larger.), because the disc drive currently refuses to record on a DVD-RW.
    DVD-R works. It uses ordinary UDF 1.02 packet writing.

    VR mode uses the UDF 2.00 file system.
    It also has a DVD-RW video mode, which is compatible with standard DVD players. It works similar to the DVD-R recording (which does not support VR mode), but using sparse tables instead of ordinary -R packet writing.)
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