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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone recommend a fast (and free) DirectShow video renderer filter, which seems under devices (I test with AMcap) like a webcam? I have an industrial camera with BYBG color space, it seems under devices but the whole screen is black. It works fine under GraphEdit with the default Video Renderer, but I would like to use as a virtual webcam with high frame rate and original resolution. Maybe another solution to use the original capture source converted to grayscale the output pin, without virtual video renderer ...but I don't know how.

    Thank you!
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  2. Try ffmpeg dshow

    If it's listed under devices, then you can use ffplay to preview or ffmpeg to maniulate, record etc..
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  3. Thanks for the quick answer! I think I misunderstood, becouse the ffmpeg player able to display the prewiev of the camera, but I would like to create a device which can show the windows camera app, and any other simple appliaction, like skype etc.

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  4. I don't fully understand what you're trying to say. Did you mean hardware device ?

    Because you can broadcast/stream the camera to ffmpeg output over ip (like a webcam)

    Or you should be able to build your own player /front end from ffmpeg

    Or did you want some pre-made GUI ? If so, did you try searching for webcam software ?
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