I converted my youtube bookmarks into links and stored them in a big folder in windows 10. They are not exactly html links. I don't think so cause they have no extension that I can see, but they are some type of bookmark dynamic icon which is hyperlinked to start a youtube video by clicking on it. They are like 133 bytes apiece. Anyway, what I wanted to do is just play them all one after another automatically like I can with VLC when I click on a folder with video files in there. I know there is a add on for VLC that will play playlists from youtube streaming while online, but I was looking for a video player in which I could also just click on this folder of youtube bookmark links and play them one after another. Is there such a player out there that can do this? I know I can make a playlist out of these links the tedious way, but I either need something that can covert all my links into a external playlist, or I need a external bookmark link video player, meaning the bookmarks no longer reside in the browser but have converted to a file with Firefox, and then reconverted into dynamic shortcuts saved in my desktop favorites.