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  1. I want to test the quality of a webcam image under different conditions: different resolutions and different allowed bandwidth for the webcam video upload. I am going to use XSplit Broadcaster's virtual camera on a Windows OS and will upload the webcam stream in realtime using flash-based browser software. I want XSplit to run a test MP4 video so I can assess image quality under various parameters. My question is whether anyone knows of a test MP4 loop that has a very high-resolution image that has elements in it that make clear what the image quality is under different conditions. For example, this might be done with very thin lines of different colors that touch each other, where discerning each line can only be done above a certain resolution. Do such test MP4 videos exist and where can I find/download these?
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    Do a google for test videos,that's the easiest way to get video samples.
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  3. I settled on this absolutely superb Samsung 4K test video.
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