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  1. Hello.

    The error correction of audio CDs (Mode 2 Form 0) and video CDs (Mode 2, Form 2) is inferior, compared to Mode 1 / Mode2 Form1 CDs.
    Errors will not affect the usability as much as critical unreadable sectors in a software disc, where one dead byte or sector can render a whole program or picture useless.

    If I use forensic tools to extract audio/video from damaged CDs, then the disc drive firmware still gives damaged data. That's because it does not actually try to get a perfect digital audio extraction. The noise caused by the scratches is not getting compensated by the drive.

    How can I force the drive to try to give an errorless extraction?
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    It's an ancient program, but have you tried CDParanoia? AFAIK, there is no way to force firmware to do something it's not programmed to do except to replace it.
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  3. Originally Posted by TechLord View Post
    How can I force the drive to try to give an errorless extraction?
    How can I force you to tell me something you don't know? I cannot. Similarly, you cannot force the drive to give errorless extraction. Once the damage has become greater than the CIRC can fix the drive cannot fix the errors. Different players have different strategies for replacing bad or missing data but none of them can restore the original data perfectly.

    Beyond that, the best you might be able to do is read the disc several times and return an average or median.
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