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  1. Ok, so i have a M2TS file of a movie that i want to convert into MKV so that i can remove all unnecessary audio & subtitle tracks (I use MKVtoolnix for this) but how do i go about to make this conversion? It`s very important that there is no quality loss whatsoever.

    Is it possible to do?
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  2. Drop the M2TS onto MKToolnix GUI?
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  3. Ok, i didn`t know that this software supported M2TS as input. Will give it a try.
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  4. You could also use tsMuxeR GUI to mux to a ts/m2ts file and remove unneeded tracks.
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    Easiest way for me is open m2ts file in avidemux, copy video, copy audio, output format MKV and then save.
    But mkvtoolnix support m2ts files, so if you dont want convert f.e. audio to lower bitrate then Mkvtoolnix is easiest way.
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