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  1. Hi,

    Very new to screen capturing and I;ve recorded a video for uploading to Youtube and at the start it's blurry and then comes into focus half way through - does anyone know why this is?

    I exported the video as an mp4 and recorded at 1080p, I then put it into a Video Editor and saved it as a HD Video for Youtube (1080p).

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  2. Should probably give an example, the video is here -
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  3. Most likely a download buffering issue during playback.

    Once it goes clear, start replaying by moving the slider to the beginning. Does it still look bad?
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  4. Just tried doing that and it;s still blurry and becomes clear at the same point.
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  5. It doesn't look that "blurry" to me at the beginning

    Which browser?

    Which stream are you watching ? Did you make sure to select 1080p HD ? It might be that you have it on "auto" and it begins with a lower quality SD stream before switching
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  6. Highest available format (1080p) is sharp from first frame - download video locally - seem it is 2.2MB size.
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    Also, try turning off the autofocus.
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