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  1. Hello .Please Admin and all members help me please.
    How to do highly compression this movies?I using winrar, KGB archiver, 7zip, FreeArc, etc ... but don't working compress . How to do please. I downloaded links but I don't no rar password. I used rar password unlocker but failed.Please help me please all members.

    [Attachment 43082 - Click to enlarge]

  2. Thanks .I want to do highly video compression rar method.

  3. A whole blu-ray movie can not be compressed down to 1.36 MB.

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    It is probably a fake, and the people that created this RAR archive want you to enrol in their scheme, in exchange for a key. Or it is a fake to track who is downloading it. Either way OP won’t be getting the movie, nor use compression of that order.
    Movies do not compress well with RAR, and RAR’ed movies are more often stored in RAR archives with zero compression for other reasons (checksums, segmentation).
    (The Blu-ray-to-MP4 transcodes of that release group were known at the time for their excellent quality and size, but still around 800 MB for 100 mins of 720p. Hence it must be fake.)

  5. This is fake - inside this archive will be probably or some trojan or information (perhaps in exe i.e. trojan) how to reach movie itself (will be hilarious if this will be exe with information that such action is illegal).

    Video compression (codecs) turns video information to compressed data with very high entropy - there is no possible way to use regular loss-less archiver such as RAR - you can't compress noise with lossless as noise has infinite entropy.
    Btw some lossless compression method (CABAC, CAVLC, Huffman coding etc) is part of every codec, also there is analogy to compressing rar with zip or zip with rar - simply you can't compress already compressed data more so folding multiple times compression to (in very naive theory) reduce data to zero - no it doesn't work like this - worse using dictionary methods you may in fact add some overhead i.e. negative compression.

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    johnki123, please read our rules before posting concerning Warez.
    Asking for help with downloaded copyrighted video is a violation of our rules.

    Thread closed.

    Moderator redwudz

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