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    This is a question I got asked many time since I recently got an AAXA M6 and showed it to my friends. They were impressed by its performance and started showing interest in buying one. I have some opinions but would want to hear the voice from more people. Thus, I am starting a thread here.

    My consideration: brightness, resolution (not just look at the number. It would be better to check the video/image quality in store to make sure you like what you see), portability (I need one that I can carry while traveling. But it's not a necessity for all).

    What else would you consider? let me know your thought!
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    Size of projected video at the selected distance from the screen is important to me. Some have zoom.
    Keystone adjustments if your projector sits below the centerline of the screen.

    And the types of formats it can handle and the types of video connections it uses.
    Not so much about the projector, but the type of projection screen can also influence quality. A screen made just for video can help.

    Contrast or black level ratings to get a better quality picture.
    And resolution is important, depending on the video. My projector is 1920 X 1080 as I don't have any 4K types of video at present.
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    Lumens & brightness output per square meter (at thrown distance)
    Longevity of that rated output
    Mtbf of lamps & unit as a whole (expected lifetime)
    Color purity & full spectrum saturation at full rated output.
    If doing text output, 1:1 scaling mode
    Hdcp compliance.
    If you are into it, 3d capability.
    Heat generated.
    How is it mounted? Accessories needed?

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    Calibration maybe?
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  5. I am currently searching for a projector and this is so useful, thank you!
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