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  1. Hi, I sometimes try to extract m3u8 file from the streaming site in order to play it in VLC. Sometimes it's working, sometimes it's not. For example, on this site:
    m3u8 file can be viewed here view-source:
    It's not working at all in the VLC.
    On this site:
    m3u8 link that is available in the source of the website works perfectly fine in the VLC.

    How to make m3u8 file work on this first site?
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  2. Media > Ctrl+N > Show more options
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  3. Thank you, but unfortunately it's working for me. I still get an error in VLC.

    Eddit: Sorry, adding space between "network catching" and "user agent" made it work
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  4. thank you for this wonderful help i already play user agent in vlc.exe

    i want to play this link in vlc android application (vlc.apk)

    channel name = Abu Dhabi Nat Geo


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