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    To make it easier, I have recorded a video of the below question. Here's the link: Thanks!

    ​​I'm using VSDC video editing program to put together a video. It consists of one audio narration Image
    [Attachment 43060 - Click to enlarge]
    that​ will last the entire length of the video​ and ​20 different video​ segments​ I​ would like to splice in at the appropriate time​s​.

    I have inserted the audio and have now inserted the first video which is much smaller.​ ​I would now like to cut ​out the end of the the first video at the appropriate time so it syncs up with the audio. When I click on "Cutting and Splitting", only the video appears​ with​ no audio. I have tried selecting both the Video and the Audio, but the "Cutting and Splitting" is grayed out. I need to listen to the audio ​so I will know the correct place where I need to cut the video.​ ​After this is done, I will then put in my next video at that point.

    Being that I do not have the audio available when I'm cutting the videos, this is making it very ​difficult to do, as I have to guess where to cut.​ My goal is to be accurate and fast, and I currently achieve this goal. ​​Can anyone suggest how I can load both the audio and video together and only be able to cut the video​, leaving the audio unedited? ​ Also, if there's another program that will let me edit in 1080p HD that would work, I am open to this remedy as well.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

    [Attachment 43058 - Click to enlarge]
    [Attachment 43059 - Click to enlarge]
    [Attachment 43057 - Click to enlarge]
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