Nice.. I ended up getting the NVMe to show up and now have Win7 installed, with a really ghetto rigged Chipset mix of Cannon Lake, Coffee Lake, Skylake and KabyLake lol. I ran the latest Chipset with -overall but it seems a lot of this board is based on Cannon Lake, which has virtually no support in Win7.

The good news is I have no yellow alerts (besides USB 3.1) in device manger, so the devices / components were properly assigned. The bad news is that I had to use an external xHCI to get USB support, the iGPU displays only a few resolutions with the default VGA adapter... and this H370 board has only 1 PCIe slot. I donít really need USB that much as this is going to be a server, but still canít go without it either. Maybe I can get the iGPU to a point where it will at least display more than 4 resolutions... or Iíll ghetto rig (if it even works - not sure) a few USB ports inside the PC using the single USB2.0 header which can be pulled out for troubleshooting only (build will be managed through teamviewer) and use the PCIe slot for dedicated GPU instead of messing with the iGPU.

Iím still tempted to just say F it and install Windows 10 LTSB... but just thinking about optimizing that horrible OS makes me feel sick. Even the LTSB version which has no bloatware is baddddd.