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    Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    The guest OS can run in a window or full screen on the host. So you can switch back and forth any time you want.
    Thanks, jagabo. Good to know.
    And then leave it to the Host to handle contact with the outside world ?

    However, one of of those CNET posters I quoted said you needed a good AV solution for both the Guest & the Host OSes . . . .

    @ babygdav,
    Forgot to mention that I have been using the NoScript extension for quite a long time. Very useful, maybe even essential. (It does get to be annoying when you get to a web page that has like 48 page permission items to peruse and sign off on. Hate that !) Anything that starts with "ad____" is generally denied a permission. I'm also often a user of AdBlock, or one of its offshoots or functional equivalents, although nowadays you tend to run into quite a few sites that refuse to even load, unless and until you disable all ad blockers or anti-trackers.
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    If I were to swap out my existing Windows 7 AMD MOBO, with a new Ryzen CPU and MOBO and 16GB of DDR4. While still running the same Windows 7 OS on the same drive, does anyone foresee any major problems for me? I know that when the MOBO gets changed Windows will demand a new key, so that's not a problem. The MOBO I'm looking at has PS/2 and USB 2.0 ports, along with USB 3.0. I know I should probably install these drivers before the swapout, or this one
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  3. If PS/2 will work then nothing stops you from installing usb drivers on already running system.
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