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  1. Hi,

    yesterday I wanted to watch the new Jungle Book movie, but I ran into issues. I use PowerDVD 17 Ultra. When I switched to stereoscopic 3D the image froze while the sound kept playing for a couple of seconds, until the playback was paused completely. The image I saw was one frame which was displayed perfectly in 3D. This happens every time I jump to another time in with the progress bar: One frame and some seconds sound. If I disable 3D playback it works just fine. Also playing the movie directly off the bluray fixes it.

    The same happens for Averngers: Age of Ultron while most movies play just fine like the Hobbit, the Lego movie and Mad May fury road

    I hooked my laptop up to the tv and the jungle book mkv plays with no issue with powerdvd. So the file itself should be fine.

    I use makemkv to create mvc mkv files and play them with a computer with an nvidia gtx670 with nvidia vision 3d installed and windows 10 64bit.

    So why do some movies on one of my PCs don't work and how con I fix that? To connect my tower PC to the TV I use a 20m HDMI cable, so that might be the issue, but since the movie worked when played off the bluray I doubt that.
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    Unless you have an expensive Redmere active cable, or HDbaseT extenders, thats Too Far.

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    If I read you correctly, you can watch these BluRays even with your 20 m cable as long as they are played directly from the disk.

    Not so clear if you can also seek, as what you are attempting to do, except when direct from the disk.

    But seeking is not an instant thing. Software playing initself is a memory/cpu extensive process. Add 3D to the mix and that probably uses even more cpu/memory. To seek to another part of a file has to load that entire file into memory and put even more strain on the cpu. So what you could be experiencing is cpu maxing out. Take a look at the processes from Task Manager to see if that is happening.
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  4. I just connected my laptop to the TV via said 20m HDMI cable and it worked, so the cable can't be the problem.

    Also my tower PC has an i5 4670k with 16GB RAM which is much more powerful than my laptop, so that can't be the cause either.
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  5. Update: It looks like a bug in the nvidia driver or in PowerDVD in combination with nvidia, because I just switched from the nvidia videocard to the integrated Intel one and everything worked.

    But the question still remains. What is the difference between the movies that work and the movies that don't?
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